Slodog Slow Feeder Plate

Slodog Slow Feeder Plate

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SloDog Slow Feeder

LickiMat is an Australian owned company, passionate about designing innovative products that improve the happiness and well-being of pets.

The SloDog Slow Feeder is the perfect device to encourage your dog to eat more slowly. The large surface area is designed with small pockets, which seperate your pets food into sections, forcing them to eat more slowly. Veterinary designed to decrease gulping behaviour and reduce bloating, the SloDog helps promote good digestion. The SloDog comes in a fun bone shape and is dishwasher safe to make clean up easy and hygienic!

Key Features:

  • Suitable for all dogs (and cats)
  • Made from Human Food Grade Polyproplene
  • Freezer and Microwave Friendly
  • Dishwasher Safe

Size Guide:

Holds up to 2 cups of dry kibble

Size: 35cm x 26cm x 3cm