Dog Daycare

Dog Daycare – From $50 per day

Socialisation is super important to the overall well-being of every dog and shouldn’t end with puppyhood, it will provide him or her with the ability to develop skills to cope with new experiences in a positive way, therefore reducing your dog's stress. Dog Daycare can give owners a much-needed break from the exercise needs that their furry family members require, as well as keep a dog with separation anxiety calm and under control in the absence of his or her family. Socialised pups are typically happier, friendlier, more predictable and able to handle stress better. Under-socialized pups often grow to become fearful, shy, anxious, and sometimes even fearfully-aggressive adult dogs because they lack the skills to cope with new situations. So, whether to avoid any problem behaviours from developing/progressing or simply for the fun, contact us today and have your pups cared for in clean, safe environment, fully supervised by our experienced and qualified team. All dogs are matched in compatible playgroups, for like-minded socialisation and fun! 


In-home Pet Sitting – From $45

Whether you are away for a weekend or a few weeks, unable to care for your pets due to illness/injury or you are just very busy we can help with all your in-home pet care needs. We are more than just a pet feeding service. We will interact with your pets and give them the affection and attention they deserve and require. In-home pet care eliminates the risk of contagious diseases that can be acquired at large boarding kennels or catteries. Why put your pets through those stressful stays when you can be sure that they would much prefer staying in the comfort of their own home environment. We can keep you updated for peace-of-mind. We will also collect your mail, water plants and put your rubbish bins out! Once or twice daily visits can be provided.

Dog Walking – From $31

Regular exercise is a must for dogs. When dogs are not exercised regularly they become bored and as a result some bad behaviour problems can occur. Daily exercise will help prevent these bad behaviours and promote good health. We provide 30 and 60 minute on lead walks. Your dog’s health and safety is our number one priority, during extreme weather conditions preventing safe dog walking, our ‘Home Visits’ service is recommended as an excellent alternative.

Home Visits – From $45

Our Home Visits service is ideal for your senior cats and dogs, young puppies and kittens, pets with special needs and medical conditions. We can ensure your pet receives any necessary medications as per your written instructions. We provide 30 and 60 minute visits of company, cuddles and playtime in your own home or garden.

Pet Taxi Service 

Our Pet Taxi Service is designed for those people who are either unable to transport their pet or are perhaps without a vehicle. Vet appointments, grooming appointments, moving house etc. All pets are safely transported in a crate or with a seat belt harness.