Meet Our Team


Meet Jesse! (Founder, Owner & Dog Trainer)

Favourite Breed: Boxer, GSD & every other working breed dog. I am in awe of their intelligence when working.

Jesse Butcher is an incredibly passionate, driven and professional business owner who strives to create a happy, healthy and positive work environment for her team. As a side hustle to her full-time admin job she starting Paw Patrol Pet Care in 2015 as a pet sitting & dog walking service, with her huge passion for dogs, she began her business journey.

Jesse found her true passion for dogs almost 10 years ago when she was volunteering as co-manager of Geelong Animal Rescue (GAR), whilst simultaneously fostering numerous dogs. This tough yet rewarding experience changed Jesse’s life as she realised her passion was to help owners better understand and connect with their dogs in the most positive and effective way.

Jesse has since become a qualified Dog Behaviourist & Trainer, getting her certification from the most highly rated, nationally recognised training program in the country, the National Dog Training Federation, Australia (NDTF). Continuing on from this she has attended countless seminars and courses to further understand the psychology behind dog behaviour and stay up to date with current and proven training strategies.

In 2018 Jesse took a big step and moved her successful company into our premium dog daycare & training facility based in North Geelong which has and continues to grow rapidly!

Jesse’s journey has been made all the more special with her Boxer, Bonnie, the birth of her two boys Arlo and Riley, and her partner Liam by her side, helping to create Paw Patrol Pet Care from the ground up (literally!)

Meet Maddi! (Centre Manager)

Favourite breed: Standard Poodles, Dobermans, GSPs & Pugs

Maddi has been working with animals since 2009, including services such as Dog Daycare, boarding kennels, veterinary practices, kitten fostering and wildlife rescue centers, along with her Certificarte ll in Animal Studies and Behaviours.

But her passion has always been dogs, owning 7 dogs of different breeds and sizes since she was 10, Maddi has pursued her passion for dogs by working in Dog Daycares around Melbourne, and finally moving to Paw Patrol Pet Care, where she is the Centre Manager. Maddi’s main passion is making sure the dogs around her are growing and thriving in the most positive environment possible for their needs. 

Maddi likes to focus her entire life around dogs and on top of owning a Standard Poodle named Nigel and working full time in Dog Daycare, she is also studying to become a qualified groomer, which she will bring to Paw Patrol Pet Care as an added service (coming soon!).

Outside of the Canine world Maddi loves fashion, beauty, meeting new people, having a jam-packed social life and traveling!

Meet Bec! (Animal Attendant & 2IC)

Favourite Breed: Golden Retrievers, Labradors

Bec started with Paw Patrol Pet Care in 2021 and impressed us most with her passion and motivation to work with dogs. Getting her Certificate ll in Animal Studies in 2020, Bec wants to build on her knowledge of dogs this year by studying her Certificate III in Dog Training & Behaviour. 

Bec is incredibly active with her hobbies outside of work including netball, exercise and gym. But she gets most of her exercise at work chasing after Toby the Doberman who loves to steal our cleaning cloths.

A personal message from Bec: “I love every single one of the dogs like they’re my own. They are all my babies! I love watching each of them build friendships with one another and watching them grow and become their own selves every day.”

Meet Amy (Animal Attendant)

Favourite Breed: Rottweilers, Dobermans, Great Danes, & Ridgebacks

Amy started with Paw Patrol Pet Care in 2021 and has been such a positive and hard working addition to our team. She is extremely passionate about environmental conservation and wildlife protection and building a sustainable future for our planet.

Her background and experience is incredibly animal-based, volunteering at GAWs and assisting in the cat adoption centre. She has also impressively volunteered at Camaronal Wildlife Refuge in Costa Rica. During her time there she assisted in decreasing predation rates of sea turtle eggs as well as wildlife husbandry for endangered sea turtles and the restoration of surrounding nature reserves.

Amy also completed her bachelor's degree of Zoology and Animal Science in 2021.

Her hobbies include hiking, reading, going to the gym and spending time with friends and her cats Arlo and Peach.

A personal message from Amy: “I love my job with Paw Patrol, because everyday I’m surrounded by a positive and motivated team of inspiring women who share my passion for animal care and sustainability. I’m also able to spend everyday building amazing bonds with the dogs at our daycare and being able to give them joy and enrichment so that they can have a fun loving day.”


Meet Ash (Animal Attendant)

Favourite Breed: Kelpies, Border Collies, Rottweiler mixes & Greyhounds

Ash started with Paw Patrol Pet Care in August, 2022. She was born and raised in Mildura and moved to Geelong in early 2020 where she completed her Animal Studies certificate.

A bubbly, confident and bright shining personality, Ash brings a positive and cheerful attitude to the team! Ash knew from a young age she wanted to work in the animal field and is planning on doing some Assistance Dog Training in the future.

Ash is the proud paw-rent to her Kelpie, Archie, and they are inseparable! They love doing everything together like coming to daycare, going on drives and walking.

Outside of work, Ash likes to spend my time watching movies, playing games or having a boogie with her friends!

A personal message from Ash: “My favourite thing about coming into work is seeing all the shy dogs gain more confidence each week and seeing their personality shine through!”


Meet Zaac (Animal Attendant)

Favourite Breeds: Irish Wolfhound, Tibetan Mastiff, Standard Poodle

Zaac joined the Paw Patrol Pet Care team at the beginning of the year and has fast become one of our dogs favs!

On top of a can-do attitude and the best bear-hugs our dogs can get, Zaac has brought a unique skill to the company, for those dogs who aren't particularly fond of men, he has been able to provide a warm and loving energy that has improved this behaviour significantly!

Owning three black Standard Poodles in his lifetime, Zaac has always been a dog-lover. His two current Standard Poodles, Charlie and Louie, come to daycare regularly for extra socialisation and stimulation.

A personal message from Zaac: “In the short time I've been with Paw Patrol, it has quickly become the most rewarding and enjoyable experience I've had in a workplace. The team is one of the friendliest groups of people I've had the pleasure of working with, and the dogs always manage to put a smile on my face.”


Meet Rayven (Animal Attendant)

Favourite Breeds: Obedience excelling dogs of any breed! (and a special love for disabled dogs)

Rayven joined Paw Patrol this year and has quickly shown exceptional growth and skill when working with our doggos! But when Rayven was hired, we didn’t just get 1 new Paw Patroller, we got 2! Rayven’s service dog Merlin attends most of Rayven’s shifts and has also quickly become besties with the other Paw Patrol pets.

With a large background working around dogs and many other animals since she could walk (officially on paper since 2013) Rav has experience in Agility, Bathing, Breeding, Boarding kennels, Farm and Instinct Training working dogs, Grooming, Obedience, Performance Animals in film production, Veterinary Nursing and Assistance dog training. Rayven has just completed her Certificate 3 in Veterinary Nursing in 2023 and is hoping to further her education in Animal Psychology and Behaviours. 

Outside of work you may find Rav out adventuring with Merlin, spending time with her animals, getting creative with her skills in graphic design, or seeking the paranormal in haunted places!

A personal message from Rav: “I’m so grateful to have been given an equal opportunity with working at Paw Patrol, where me and my service dog (Merlin) have been accepted into the most fun and loving family you could possibly have, I love every day I get to be at Paw Patrol!”


Meet El (Animal Attendant)

Favourite Breeds: Pomeranians & Golden Retrievers

El is a high-energy and passionate team member who is currently studying a Bachelor of Laws at Deakin University, with the intention of becoming a criminal defence lawyer!

However throughout her studies her passion for dogs has never dulled, which led to her joining the Paw Patrol team towards the end of 2023, and she has been such a positive and energetic addition!
El comes from a family that has bred Pomeranians and also has 2 herself, Xena & Stella. Her favourite thing about her furbabies are their big attitudes despite being tiny floofs. However working within the Pet Industry has shown her a new love for larger dogs, specifically Golden Retrievers with their goofy nature. Gym and fiction novels are El’s two main hobbies and passions outside of work.

A personal message from El: “What I love most about working at Paw Patrol is getting to interact with different breeds of dogs and learning each of their temperaments. I love that each dog at the centre has a unique personality and they are such a joy to spend time with, alongside the most fantastic team!”