LickiMat UFO

LickiMat UFO

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The no-mess bath companion!

Distract, entertain, reduce stress and anxiety with a LickiMat UFO.

The UFO has 7 suction caps, making it perfect for vertical surfaces like walls, shower screens and windows, to easily distract at bath time. Perfect for spreadable pet treats, yogurt, peanut butter and more! The unique no-mess design collects spills and drips, making it ideal for car rides, and can also be placed on the floor as a slow feeder.

Great for all sizes and breeds, including puppies.

How To use the UFO:

Spread your pets food or treat with a spoon or spatula. Embed the food evenly over the textured surface. Push UFO firmly onto any smooth surface at a comfortable height for your dog. For stronger suction, wet the suction caps or surface before sticking. Clean immediately after use.


  • Slow-feeding dog food/treat bowl with Soother Nubs to reduce anxiety and tension.
  • Raised walls keep spills and messes contained within the bowl.
  • The base has seven suction cups to fasten it to flat, smooth surfaces.
  • Baths/showers, grooming, and automobile journeys are all possibilities.
  • Vet-developed dog food bowl that is designed for hydrotherapy and is dishwasher safe.

Colours Available:

  • Green
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Turquoise