Daycare Trials Now Available

Doggy Daycare Trials Now Available!

Now is the time to trial your pooch in our exhaustingly fun doggy daycare and secure them a spot for 2017 while there are still a few positions available! 
Take advantage of our 4 week doggy daycare trial. 6 hour days, including free pick up and drop off taxi service* for only $20 per day!
Not only does good socialization help mellow a dog’s temperament, doggy daycare will also keep your dog mentally stimulated, and physically active, meaning he/she will be less likely to be destructive at home. Your pooch is guaranteed to be relaxed and “dog-tired” by home time, meaning your usual evening walks won’t be necessary.
Contact us for more information or register online today.
Registered Business, Fully Insured, Police Checked, Experienced Pet Carers, Professional Service
Trial offer available to new clients only. 1 day per week for 4 weeks. Days available dependent by individual basis. T&C’s apply*